Bike Pace Calculator | Calculate Average Cycling Speed in MPH and KMH

Bike Pace Calculator refers to the bike speed at which a cyclist is traveling. It’s usually measured in terms of time taken to cover a certain distance, such as miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (km/h). In cycling, maintaining a steady bike pace is important for various reasons, such as endurance training, racing strategies, bike touring or simply to gauge personal improvement over time.

For cyclists, understanding and managing their bike pace is crucial, especially for long-distance bike rides or bike races where energy conservation is very important. Cyclists often use bike computers or GPS devices to monitor their pace, helping them to adjust their effort levels appropriately during their rides.

Bike Pace Calculator

Our bike pace calculator is based on experienced bike riders experiences which they achieved from bike races, long bike tours, riding uphill and downhill etc.




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What is Bike Pace Calculator?

Bike Pace Calculator Calculate Average Cycling Speed

Bike Pace Calculator is a tool used by cyclists all over the world to calculate their cycling speed, or pace. It gives results in miles per hour (mph) as well as kilometers per hour (km/h). Bike Pace Calculator help cyclists plan their bike rides, races, set training goals, or estimate how long it will take to cover a certain distance on a bike.

How Bike Pace Calculator Works?

The two main input parameters are required from a bike pace calculator user to calculate estimated bike pace. It includes the following:

1. Total Distance

The bike pace calculator user will have to add the total distance of the bike ride or race, usually entered in miles or kilometers.

2. Time

The duration taken to complete the bike ride. This can be input as hours and minutes.

Once the user add input the above-mentioned information, the bike speed calculator then uses these inputs to compute the average bike speed. For example, if a cyclist plans to ride 30 miles and wants to complete it in 2 hours, the calculator would determine the necessary pace to be 15 mph.

Bike Pace Calculation Formula

To calculate your bike pace, you can use the following formula: bike pace = time spent / riding distance.

Bike Pace Calculator is valuable for indoor bike training purposes, helping cyclists to set realistic cycling goals based on their current fitness levels and to monitor their progress over time. They are also useful for bike race event planning, allowing cyclists to estimate total ride times for races or organized events.

Does age affect cycling speed?

Yes, age does affect cycling speed. As cyclists gets old, they typically experience decreases in muscle strength, aerobic capacity, and recovery speed, which can lead to slower cycling speeds. However, the extent of this impact varies widely among individuals, and many older cyclists continue to maintain high levels of fitness and performance through regular training and proper health management.

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Average Cycling Speed by Age Chart

Here is the table showing average cycling speed by age group:

Age Group (Years)Average Speed (mph)Average Speed (km/h)
Under 2010-1216-19
Over 608-1013-16

Note: This table represents a general guideline for average cycling speeds across different age groups, both in miles per hour (mph) and kilometers per hour (km/h). It’s important to note that individual speeds can vary widely based on fitness level, cycling experience, and other factors.